Tool Steels


Without tool steel not much would get accomplished. From your backyard handyman to your busy contractor, to your top-of-the-line distributor, tools and the quality steel they’re made of literally help shape our lives. So it goes without saying that you should always stick with the highest quality distributor with the best reputation. Tool Steel is defined by the following four criteria: distinctive hardness, resistance to abrasion, resistance at elevated temperatures to deformation, and their ability to hold a cutting edge. Bar One Specialty Steel will be able to provide a variety of shapes and forms upon request including bars, rounds, wire, plates, hexagons, rectangles, and squares or you can contact us about a specialty shape you need your tool steel to be delivered in. Because Bar One Specialty Steel is one of the top leading distributors of tool steel in the United States, you can trust the quality of our steel and commitment to our customers. It doesn’t matter where you are in the United States, we’ll be able to get your product to you on time because quality and customer satisfaction are our highest priority.

A2 Tool Steel
    • A2
    • A6
    • D2
    • D3
    • S1
    • S5
    • S7
    • H13
    • O1
    • L6
    • W1