Stainless Steel is the name given to a class of steel where more than 10% of chromium is added to ordinary steel and the surface oxide is transformed – very thin (virtually invisible), it is protective to a wide range of corrosive media. There are over 150 different grades within a variety of types. Milled into coils, sheets, plates, bars, wire or tubing. Other stainless steel distribution companies may cause you a headache due to late arrivals and bad customer service, but not us. This is Bar One Specialty Steel and there’s a reason we’re one of the leading distributors of stainless steel. Whether you’re based in the Midwest like us or anywhere in the United States of America, we’ll get you the highest quality stainless steel on schedule because customer satisfaction is our top priority. We distribute stainless steel in a variety of shapes. Whether you’re looking for bars, rounds, wire, plates, hexagons, rectangles, squares or a shape we’ve never even heard of, we’ll be able to cut it for you. Bar One Specialty Steel understands that you expect quality, punctuality, and for things to work out when they’re supposed to. That’s why we go above and beyond every day for our customers to make sure it all goes seamless.


  • 303
  • 304
  • 304L
  • 316
  • 410
  • 416
  • 416R
  • 420
  • 440C
  • 17-4PH